New Online Publication: Ensor’s illustrations for Jean-François Marmontel’s La Neuvaine de Cythère

At the exhibition dedicated to paintings, prints and drawings by James Ensor out of collections from Belgium and The Netherlands in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht (1993), nine erotic representations by Ensor were exhibited. The drawings were perhaps displayed for the public then for the first time. In a new online publication the Ensor expert Xavier Tricot points out that these drawings correspond to Compositions pour illustrer Marmontel, reported by Emile Verhaeren and Grégoire Le Roy in their respective monographs on James Ensor. They illustrate the prose poem La Neuvaine de Cythère of the French writer and encyclopaedist Jean-François Marmontel (1723 - 1799).

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(News item May 5, 2017)