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Ensor colours the 'Salon der Angst' in Kunsthalle Wien

Angst is a universal theme. The Viennese exhibition "Salon der Angst" not only illustrates general feelings of danger and menace, but also sheds light on the influence of culture on both individual as well as collective experiences of angst.

Throughout the history of art there are numerous examples to be found of works that place angst, terror and despair at the centre, or of artists that make this one of their central themes. The younger generations of artists also portray in images the specific fears and uncertainties of our contemporary society.

In the selection of some 40 artists, James Ensor is not absent. The museum Mu.ZEE/Ensor House of Ostend is strongly represented with 6 Ensor loans: 'My Portrait in 1960', M'y Portrait as a Skeleton', 'Demons Teasing Me', the 'Poster for the Salon des Cent', 'Billiard Playing Skeletons' and 'The Infernal Cortege'.

The exhibition runs from 6 September 2013 thru 12 January 2014 in the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna. More info at