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Ensor Year Produces Two Ensor Films

For the inauguration of the Ensor Year 2010, not only were there various exhibitions organized and new publications, but also two documentaries were produced. The production firm ABACARIS Films released Les Ensortilèges de James Ensor by Nora Philippe and Arnaud De Mezamat. The première took place in the ING building in Brussels with the introduction of the opening of the exhibition, Ensor Unmasked (ING Culture Centre). The film focuses on closely filmed works in a compelling manner. In addition, among others, Pierre Alechinsky reveals why he is so taken in by Ensor‘s work.

The DVD version of Les Ensortilèges de James Ensor also contains as extras: interviews with Professor Emeritus Marcel De Maeyer (University of Ghent) and Herwig Todts (Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp), as well as a chronology of the life and work of the artist.

In November, the documentary James Ensor—Duivels die mij sarren (Demons teasing me) was debuted at the Ciné Rialto in Ostend. This documentary is a production of the RQB-group at the behest of the Holland broadcasting corporation AVRO. It addresses the meaning of James Ensor, with respect to the development of the plastic arts and which sources of inspiration for the artist were important. Ostend is the guide for this story. In 2011, the documentary will be aired exclusively by AVRO Close Up and the VRT. Like Ensor, a fellow Ostender, Xavier Tricot tells the story of his illustrious compatriot, supplemented by citations by the artist.

The VKC-parnermusea-the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent, the Groeininge Museum of Bruges and Mu.ZEE, the Museum of Art in Ostend-contributed to the possibility of these two films.

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