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Refurbished James Ensor House opens

Tuesday 14 July 2020 sees the official opening of the refurbished James Ensor House and brand-new interactive experience centre in Ostend.

The refurbished James Ensor House will open on Tuesday 14 July 2020. The museum consists of James Ensor's original home and an interactive experience centre in the adjacent building. Five rooms each shine a spotlight on a specific theme: 'Introduction to Ensor’s world', 'Interiors', 'Ensor’s public life', 'Criticism' and 'Masks and strange figures'.

Besides, the James Ensor House will organise temporary exhibitions on the subject of Ensor. The first exhibition, ‘Ensor and Ostend’, runs until 27 September 2020 and explores the close link between Ensor and his native city. These exhibitions are curated by Ensor expert Xavier Tricot. 

Interactive experience centre

The interactive section provides visitors with extra insights into Ensor's complex world. For example, you can bring 'The Baths at Ostend' to life by touching the interactive wall. The youngest visitors can also try their hand at speed painting, using technology to finish one of Ensor’s paintings themselves. 3D viewers give an impression what the surrounding streets looked like in the Belle Époque. Moreover, visitors are surrounded by projections of Ensor's works.

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